Amoklauf (1994)

Excerpts of the life of a waiter who, living alone and isolated from the outside world developed an abysmal hatred of his fellow man. He finds himself quiz show after quiz show and then eventually brutal violence films that tame his desire to kill. But when his neighbour interupts him, he is freed from all inhibitions, and murderous campaign against everything that moves.

Stars: Michael Rasmussen, Birgit Stein, Christian Kahrmann, Sonja Kerskes, Susanne Leutenegger, Anja Niederfahrenhorst, Martin Armknecht, Ralph Grobel, Jo Betzing, Roland Jankowsky, Uwe Boll, Veronika Caspers, Sascha Reinhardt, Thomas Müller, Donato Barbera, Sam Winkels, Richard Berninger, Gerd Rustenbeck, Katja Waszkowiak, Sonja Hofmann, Baxter